Jeffrey Fritz

Basie & Fritz is proud to announce that Jeffrey Fritz has been chosen by his peers as a Super-lawyer for the third straight year, showing his dedication and expertise in the legal profession.

Case Management at Basie & Fritz

Prior to selecting  an attorney to handle your family law matter, an important first step is to speak with the prospective attorney to ensure that the attorney you choose is the right fit for your case. It may be prudent to get more than one opinion before hiring your attorney.  Every attorney has a different style and different abilities.

Basie & Fritz offers a free confidential consultation with an attorney, allowing you to discuss your situation and how you should proceed. At the initial meeting, our office will quote you a retainer fee commensurate with the complexity of your case as explained by you to us.

Communications with our office are confidential.

If you choose to retain our firm, from the moment we are retained we begin working with you to educate you about the family law process and give you the tools to partner with us as your attorneys. Once you retain our firm, we assign your file to an attorney and a certified paralegal who are your legal team throughout the process. Where relevant, we forward to you informational material which addresses the following:

  1. Your fiduciary duty and what it means (in dissolution cases);
  2. The firm's office procedures letter;
  3. Discovery information;
  4. Document  gathering tips for case handling; and
  5. Use of electronic communication guidelines.

In the event you have been served with documents and have a pending deadline or a hearing date, we automatically put your matter on the firm's calendar system and prepare the appropriate documents. If you are the one who wishes to initiate an action, we prepare the appropriate  documents to file your case, secure a case number from the Court, and facilitate the service of documents on the opposing party.

If you require immediate action due to domestic violence or child protection issues, we will ask the Court for expedited relief to secure Court orders.

If your case is in progress and you are being represented by another attorney and wish to change attorneys by retaining our firm, we will prepare the necessary paperwork and secure your case file and court file.

It is important to have an open line of communication with our office.  You should seek answers to your questions as they arise.

During the course of the firm's representation, you will be provided with copies of all pleadings and correspondence (received and sent by our office), as well as other important papers. All of those documents should be placed in an orderly fashion within a file so you are informed of what is happening in your case as it progresses. It is recommended that you keep a notebook to take your own notes, write down your questions, and bring your notebook to meetings so that our case conferences are organized and your time and the firm's time is used efficiently.

It is the firm's goal to bring your matter to an expeditious and successful conclusion. You should also provide your attorney with your thoughts on settlement terms when possible.

Our firm cannot guarantee the outcome of your matter and expressions about the outcome of your case are professional estimates and are limited by our knowledge at the time they are made, but we will do our best to pursue your objectives.


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