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About Basie & Fritz

The Law Firm of Basie & Fritz, established in 1984 by Robert H. Basie and Jeffrey C. Fritz, limits its practice to family law. Mr. Basie and Mr. Fritz were partners for 19 years, until Mr. Basie's death in 2003. As the positive results of cases handled by the firm were recognized, mostly by word of mouth, the firm grew with a reputation for being knowledgeable, experienced and capable advocates.

Family Law

The firm of Basie & Fritz  is one of the largest family law firms in San Diego County, with five attorneys who individually provide a solid range of experience and background in handling domestic relations matters. Supporting the firm's attorneys are highly educated and resourceful certified paralegals who work one-on-one with clients, under the supervision of counsel, to prepare and assist clients with the intricacies of each unique situation with compassion and skill. In addition, the firm employs seasoned support and administrative staff.

Over the years, we have assisted clients in the dissolution of their marriages, the modification of orders as circumstances change, and with the preparation of pre-nuptial agreements. Much of our work is the result of returning clients who were satisfied with the prior representation they received. Many of our client relationships last a lifetime.

San Diego County

The law firm handles cases throughout San Diego County as well as, at times, other southern California counties.

Expert Networks

Basie & Fritz, when necessary, utilizes a network of experts who work with the firm to assist clients through the family law process, including therapists, psychologists, forensic accountants, and pension and tax advisors.

Strong Advocates

Our litigation skills and knowledge of family law make Basie & Fritz formidable advocates.   Our staff is skilled, compassionate and adept at understanding client needs and providing personalized, tailored legal services.  Delivering thoughtful counsel and effective strategies explains why we are prominent in this difficult area of practice.

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Internet Footnote

Basie & Fritz has seen significant changes in the law and the way the judicial system operates over the last 29 years. During that time, and presently, we have been and are committed to making the process efficient, but with sensitivity to the personal challenges that go along with a divorce and related issues.

Over the firm's long history, we have helped thousands of people overcome the challenges presented in  dissolving a  marriage under difficult circumstances. We have remained steadfast in our dedication to providing our clients with our best efforts to provide quality representation, tailored for their unique family dynamics, while remaining zealous advocates.

Unfortunately, as a result of the nature of advocacy, many firms have been the subject of personal attacks from uncensored sources posted on the internet, a venue with unrestricted and unverified commentary. Despite the difficult and often contentious practice of family law, we continue to maintain our practice with integrity, sensitivity and effectiveness.


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